Candy Concentrate

Candy Concentrate is a liquid dye additive designed to provide maximum compatibility with solvent ‘carriers’ such as a clear Intercoats or clearcoat/lacquer and yet still provide an intense colour impact.
By design, Candy Concentrate additives should be applied over the top of your Sparkling Basecoat or Chrome Paint spray paint .

Simply add the International Colours Candy Concentrate to your choice of solvent clearcoat/intercoat and spray.

The International Colours range of Candy Paints, both Candy Concentrate and Candy Basecoat, are manufactured using only the very best pigments available. This provides not only the very best depth of colour but also industry leading standards on lightfastness.

There are currently 17 Candy Paint colours to choose from, with which any candy colour can be achieved. All the International Colours Candy Paint products come with mixing instructions.

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