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NEW Alloy Velvet Silver™ now utilises the latest advances for 2020 in reflective wheel coating technology.
Although designed specifically for the alloy wheel refurbishment industry, it can be easily applied on any surface that you can paint such as metals, wood, foams, ceramic, glass and can even be sprayed directly on to Plastics.

Alloy Velvet Silver™ is now one of the most versatile paints on the market and is simple to apply.
It’s near microscopic particle content provides superior surface orientation which assures a smooth,clean finish every time.

Alloy Velvet Silver™ is only available in spray paint form and should be applied using a standard HVLP spray gun,

**Alloy Velvet Silver™ is an effect coating and not a resin based paint like a standard basecoat. As it offers no build properties it should always be applied over an acrylic silver base and topcoated with a high quality 2K lacquer.
All our products come supplied with a TDS sheet which gives full application instructions.

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